PRE-ORDER: Sakura Korpokkur Plush

$130.00 / Sold Out

A pretty korpokkur inspired by a sakura blossom. With a dew droplet balanced on one of the petals and a pompom to represent the stamen, this flower is at home swaying in a spring breeze. 🌸

*PRE-ORDER: This plush is made to order and can take up to 1 month to ship!*

Customizable color: you can choose between light pink, white, and bright pink!
*When checking out, please put the color you would like in the "notes or instructions" section of the order summary. If left blank, you will receive the light pink sakura korpokkur pictured in this listing.*

-8.5 in tall and 4 in wide
-Made of soft minky fabric
-Face and flower details machine embroidered on
-Stem reinforced with bendable aluminum wire
-Plastic water droplet bead sewn securely in place
-Stuffed with polyester stuffing
-Handmade and one of a kind!